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Paintball Bend Oregon HDS High Desert Sc
Paintball Bend Oregon HDS High Desert Sc
Paintball Bend Oregon HDS High Desert Sc

Public Game Registration

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**Paintball Saturday, June 17th

**Airsoft Sunday, June 18th

***GATES OPEN AT 0900***

Paintball Bend Oregon HDS High Desert Sc

Experience past scenarios


Get a look at the field and our awesome community by checking out our videos from Nerd Vision Productions!  

Paintball Bend Oregon HDS High Desert Sc



Print the waiver, sign it, and bring it to the field before an airsoft or paintball game. Minors must have parent signature to play.


"Distance should NOT sway your opinion on traveling to this Great field! Highly recommend going to it as soon as you can!!!! Tons of cover making it easy to sneak around, long-range areas for snipers & buildings for getting in close to pat the enemy on the back. Perfect field for every type of play style!."

Ricardo Guinn

"I will start with..... I drive 3 1/2 hours to play at this field. That should say it all. The field has been modified many times and has become my favorite spot to play. They have a great close quarters set up and yet it is open in other areas. This makes it a great place for a variety of scenarios games to be played. It is run by a great group of people who want you to have nothing but the best time playing. You can't go wrong checking this field out."


Justin Searls

"HDS is the best field in Oregon. An impressive amount of work has gone into this field over the years. Buildings and cover are designed perfectly, ensuring plenty of movement and interesting objective-based play. Hellfish and the Operators deserve a ton of street cred for operating and reffing these games. They know how to run a good game because they play often (and hard!). The only downside to this field is cleaning your gear afterward lol. You will be covered in moon dust but again, this comes with the territory!

5 stars!"

Art Amela

Paintball Bend Oregon High Desert Scenar

"This is one of the best fields in the state. Ran by fantastic people and intense play!!!!!"

Mark Reynolds

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High Desert Scenario

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