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Paintball Bend Oregon HDS High Desert Sc
Paintball Bend Oregon HDS High Desert Wa
Paintball Bend Oregon High Desert Scenar

Next Public Weekend : 









57415 Fort Rock Road 

Bend, OR 97701

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FAQ for Public Games

Paintball Bend Oregon High Desert Scenar

Price for AirSoft or Paintball Public games if you have your own equipment are:

$25.00 Pre-Registration 

$30.00 Entry day of event  

Price for Airsoft or Paintball games with Rental Equipment are:

$45.00 Pre-Registration

$50.00 Day of Event

In appreciation for the services provided by you as a veteran and/or first responder, we are offering special pricing for you. $20 General admission to a public paintball or airsoft game.   If any veteran or first responder needs rental gear, total for entry and rental gear is $40.00

What will the day look like?

Games are scenario based, like capture the flag. Games are 10-30 minutes depending on weather and how many players register.  Everyone is split into two teams.  You can play on the same team of those you came with, or you can choose to be on opposite teams. Registration starts at 9 am, we aim to start the first game between 10:30-11am and start with a safety briefing prior to first game.  We break between games. We generally have two games in the AM and 2-3 in the afternoon after a 45 min to 1 hr lunch break. Air is included with entry.

What if I have never played paintball or Airsoft?

Come out and have some fun!  Our public games are open to all ages and skill level.  You will have experienced players and new players on your team!

Is Paint and/or Airsoft BB's included with Entry?

No, Paint and BB's are not included with entry. You can bring your own or purchase at the field.  Cases of paint (2000 rounds) costs $50-60. BB's cost 5.00 per 500 rounds. Biodegradable ammo only on the field. 


Do we sell food?

We are now featuring MEAT SWEATS BBQ for breakfast and lunch!!!

Do we have overalls or padding to wear?

We do not have overalls or padding at the field.  We encourage you to dress accordingly.  The paintballs are water-based and do wash out of clothing.  We recommend gloves and neck coverage.  

What else should you bring?

We have tables and some shade but it is recommended to bring your own cover, such as an easy-up.  Sunscreen is always a good choice as we are playing in the desert.  It can be windy as well, bring layers of clothes to be prepared. 

"The best field, the highest quality of intense CQC battle's and if you love sniping...You will feel at home. If you play paintball and are located in the Pacific Northwest and have never been, I highly encourage you to attend."


-Christopher Allan

(458) 231-1734

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