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Private Partes FAQ

***8 Person Minimum***


2 hour package= $65.00

Per person 4 hour package= $80.00 per person

Party Package Includes:

Rental guns and masks

250/500 rounds of paint OR 600/1200 Airsoft BBs

Unlimited air

Specialized Scenarios

Paintball/Airsoft Guide (s) 


What kind of parties can you book?


Birthday parties, Bachelor and bachelorette parties, family reunions, teambuilding work parties, just for fun get togethers! Paintball or Airsoft, it's your choice!


What to expect?


Games are scenario based, like capture the flag. Games are anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on weather and preferences.

We will play as many games in your booked time as possible.


Do we sell food?


We do not sell food onsite. It is recommended to bring food and water with you.


Do we have overalls or padding to play in?


We do not have overalls or padding at the field.   We encourage you to dress accordingly.   The paintballs are water-based and do wash out of clothing.   We recommend gloves and neck coverage.  


What else should you bring?


We recommend watching the weather and be prepared.  We have tables and some shade, but some prefer an easy up.  Sun screen is always a good choice as we are playing in the desert.   It can be windy as well, bring layers of clothes to be prepared. ​

What is the age limit for paintball and airsoft?

There is no age limit, we recommend parents determine maturity level for compliance with all safety rules but we have seen all ages have a blast! 

Do you sell anything?

We sell ammo for both airsoft and paintball.  We also have merchandise such as gloves, shemaghs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, magazines for airsoft, batteries for airsoft, patches, and many other supplies.  We do not currently sell guns for either paintball or airsoft but hope to in the future. 

(458) 231-1734

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